Youth Levels

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Youth Levels Swim Progression Chart
Jelly Fish

Jellyfish 6-12 years

Begin your journey of life-long water exploring and enjoyment! Our goal in the Jellyfish class is to get children excited and eager to learn to swim. Designed for those new to the water and/or new to swim lessons, the class uses fun activities and play to help Jellyfish feel comfortable and safe in the water. Teachers will introduce the swimming posture and build the base for future lessons by helping students develop breath-holding capability, learn to float and glide on front and back, and find natural balance in the water. No experience necessary. 

turtle Swim Level

TURTLE (6-12 years)

Freestyle 1 

Swimmers will learn the fundamentals of the Freestyle stroke, including proper body alignment for arms and kicking, breathing to the side, and the proper arm stride. Swimmers will also be swimming freestyle independently for 25 yards. Prerequisite: Students must be able to glide on their front with head in line with the spine and kick for 15 yards, while performing big, slow arm strokes, with no assistance and safety make it back to the wall without help and have passedJellyfish 6-12 years

Freestyle 2 

Swimmers will refine swimming posture and arm and leg propulsion. Swimmers will also start the proper kicking techniques and the release and recovery of the arm actions in sync with side breathing. Swimmers will complete a 200-yard swim. Prerequisite: Freestyle 1.

Freestyle 3

Swimmers will master freestyle posture, including side breathing to both sides, and will go over underwater streamlining at the start of a lap. The swimmer will complete a 500-yard swim. Swimmers will also be introduced to flip turning (diving summer months only). At the completion of this course, swimmers can create their own path moving on to Backstroke 1, Breaststroke 1, or Butterfly 1. Prerequisite: Freestyle 2.

otter Swim Level

OTTER (6-12 years)

Backstroke 1 

Swimmers will work to master kicking on their back and rotating their bodies side to side as they kick. Swimmers will also learn how to push off and streamline underwater on their backs. Swimmers should be able to swim 25 yards of backstroke. Prerequisite: Freestyle 3.

Backstroke 2 

Swimmers will further develop backstroke and add the arms to their kick and body rotation. Swimmers will be introduced to how to do a proper backstroke flip turn and how to properly finish a lap of backstroke and learn their stroke count. Prerequisite: Backstroke 1

Octopus Swim Level

OCTOPUS (6-12 years)

Breaststroke 1 

Swimmers will learn proper breaststroke. The complex kick of breaststroke will be the primary focus of this class. Students will spend the majority of their time on proper kick technique and will be introduced to arms. Swimmers should be able to kick 25 yards of breaststroke independently. Prerequisite: Freestyle 3.

Breaststroke 2

Swimmers drill-down and refine the nuances of breaststroke. This includes the timing of the stroke and how to properly add breathing. The breaststroke pull-down will also be introduced. Swimmers should be able to swim 50 yards of breaststroke to successfully finish this class. Prerequisite: Breaststroke 1

Dolphin Swim Level


Butterfly 1 

Swimmers will learn the synchronized full body kick of butterfly. Swimmers will learn how to breathe without arms while keeping their feet in the same plane as they kick across the pool. Arms will be introduced. Prerequisite: Freestyle 3 

Butterfly 2   

Swimmers will learn the complex timing of the butterfly with two kicks per arm stroke and the proper turns at the wall. Swimmers will also fine-tune the pull down the proper hourglass shape. Prerequisite: Butterfly 1