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Swim Lesson Program Overview

Get your goggles ready!  The Wave Swim Lessons are year-round programs for ages six months to adult. Swim Lessons are housed in our indoor Natatorium pool, in comfortable 82-84 degree water. The Wave Swim School's mission is to provide quality swim instruction where students will be engaged, learn, and have fun in a safe environment.  Our goal is that all students finish their lessons with a positive experience of swimming and to promote a life-long love of the water.  We start with fundamental swimming skills and strokes, and build into stroke efficiency while including safety skills at every level. 

In the summer, we offer sessions Monday through Thursday, Friday-only, and Saturday-only sessions. In the Fall, Winter, and Spring, we offer sessions Monday / Wednesday, Tuesday / Thursday, Saturday-only, and Sunday-only sessions.  Each lesson is 25 minutes long, and each session is 4 classes, excluding holiday sessions which are 3-day classes. Participants must show up in a swimsuit and bring their own towel. Join us and take home valuable life-long skills!

Choosing a Level

The Wave has designed a learn-to-swim program, which should prove to be beneficial to our swimmers. The chart below describes in detail how the program works. After your child masters Turtle 2, you can then choose to take Turtle 3 or move onto another stroke of their choice. Freestyle is the basis for all swim strokes, which is why we begin with the Turtle camps. Next, you can choose backstroke (Otter), breaststroke (Octopus), or butterfly (Dolphin). We hope this swim lesson format will provide your child with a love of swimming!

The prerequisite for any lesson is the minimum age requirement for the camp, and successfully passing the previous camp or showing all the equivalent skills. Choose the lesson where the student has mastered the skills listed as prerequisite for that camp, meaning they can perform each skill at least three times successively, as described. Students are grouped in camps based first on skill, then on age.

Swim Lesson Report Cards 

Use the link below to check participant report cards and progress. Report cards will be posted within 24 hours after completion of the swim lesson session by your instructor. Once you click the link, you will use the students ActiveNet customer ID number to view the report card. Your ActiveNet customer ID number can be found on the students receipt or retrieved at our front desk. 

Click Here To View Swimgen Report Cards

Please note: Staff may combine and/or cancel classes due to the needs of the students and/or program. Instructors may vary based on program needs. There are no make-up lessons or refunds for missed classes. 

**Please be aware of Holiday Closures.

Swim Lesson Progression Chart 2021

Photography Release:

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