Splash Zone

The Splash Zone is a part of Waterpark operations and is open Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. 

Waterpark tickets are available for pre-registration on www.DublinRecGuide.com by searching "waterpark." 

Cabanas and loungers are both located within Splash Zone and can be rented for an additional cost on www.DublinRecGuide.com by searching "cabana" or "lounger."

Children's Activity Pool

Surf's Up!

We took your basic toddler wading area to the extreme.  We added an amazing play structure equipped with interactive sprayers, nozzles, and water jets that can be controlled by pulling on ropes, turning knobs, and twisting cranks. Two waterslides (*see height and weight restrictions below) and a huge tilting bucket cap off the amazing water play experience for little ones not yet ready for the Slide Tower.  Your young ones will give a thumbs-up whenever you visit our beach-themed Splash Zone. Surf's Up!

*Riders on Splash Zone slides must be between 36 and 48 inches tall, and weigh no more than 200 pounds.

Learn more about private Splash Zone rental information and application.

Check our Facility Rentals page for pricing and other terms and conditions of rentals.