How can I reserve a Birthday Party?
  1. Please Create an Account or Sign In on
  2. Click on “Reservations” box.
  3. Click on the 2nd page for The Wave Summer Waterpark Party and Select this box
  4. Click on the party area you would like.
  5. Enter the Estimated number of people attending (there must be 1 Adult for every 7 children)
  6. Select the date from the calendar. Select the date by clicking the "Apply" button.  Confirm the date by clicking "Proceed" Button
  7. Enter the required information in the questions about the party & guest of honor.
  8. Review Reservation Details, this is the final step prior to submission. Click Reserve.
  9. After submission, your request will be sent for confirmation.
  10. Our staff will contact you to confirm your request and obtain payment

For questions or assistance in booking a birthday party, please email:

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11. How can I reserve a Birthday Party?
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