How can I purchase admission tickets for the Waterpark?
  1. Please Create an Account or Sign In on
  2. Select Activities box.
  3. Enter "Waterpark tickets" in Activities Search line and hit the Green Search button.
  4. The Waterpark tickets will be listed by month, to select the month you would like click on the "more" button to the right
  5. The available dates for the month will show.  To select the date you want click on the "more" button on the right
  6. Click on appropriate ticket (40" and over, Under 40", 2 years and under) and "Enroll" *. *If adding additional members, please click on "Register another participant" under the green "Add to Cart" button.
  7. Proceed to "Shopping Cart" and "Checkout" after waiver acceptance and ticket payment. 
  8. A receipt confirmation will be emailed to your account which is required to be presented at the time of entry.

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