Facility Rentals

During Waterpark Hours - Daily Rental Prices

Facility or Amenity Price
Locker Rental $4 or $8 depending on size
Standard Cabana $60
Luxury Lounge $40
Group Area $100

Outside of Normal Waterpark Hours - Per Hour Rental Prices

Facility Resident Non-Resident Non-Profit Commercial
Sports Pool $280 $340 $280 $410
Natatorium $280 $340 $280 $410
Lower Level of Slide Tower $380 $460 $380 $560
Full Slide Tower $450 $540 $450 $680
Splash Zone $330 $400 $330 $500
Community Room $170 $200 $170 $260
Full-Park Buyout $1,200 $1,440 $1,200 $1,750

Terms and Conditions

 - Facility Rentals

  • Two-hour minimum required.
  • Available before 11:00 a.m. or after 6:00 p.m. on days the Waterpark is open, and outside hours of other programming.
  • Additional staff may be required, based on number in your group, age of your participants, and other factors as determined by The Wave staff.  Additional staff fee is $30 per staff member, per hour.  
  • Amenity Charge/Additional Set-Up Fee: $50 per item.  This fee applies when additional set-up is required.  (Items include, but are not limited to: video scoreboard, Colorado touch pads, inflatable play structures, fire pits, or other items as determined by the type and scale of rentals.)   
  • Group Area: This add-on amenity is an additional $25 per hour when added to a facility rental (e.g., rent the Slide Tower, and add on a Picnic Area for an additional $25 per hour.)  

For more information, please call 925-574-4800.